Student Work – Electronic Based

In the New Media class in Spring 2013, I wanted to introduce the students to electronics and the Arduino platform as this is where I saw design and new media art going. Below, you will see some projects the students completed.

They were each provided a “Plush Doll” which was based on a doll design by students in the Zayed University Dubai Campus. They also each received a LilyPad Arduino and a combination of LilyPad products like LEDs, buttons, light sensors, and conductive thread. The students had to design the outside of the dolls and the circuits. The work you see below are 3 examples of the students’ response to this project.

A test for “Starlight” by Rawdha Qbaisi

“Happy” by Fatima Hasan

“Alien” by Raysa

In the Typography class at the University of North Dakota, I introduced students to the programming language Processing.  They had to create “experimental/interactive” type.  The videos below the work being demonstrated in a class setting.  As you can see some students used inputs (typing) along with mouse movement, others used sound/songs as the interaction method to play with the type and others used a simple key click. Most students’ in this class had never learned any kind of programming before.

Allison Brinegar learned how to insert an image and created a digital entity moving across the image, the interactive part was pressing the letter “g” on the keyboard to change the color of the text.

Katie Jansen allowed users to input text into the screen. Then using a delay and mouse movement the text would be altered based on the movement of the mouse.

Kelsey Toy, used sound/song as the input that would modify the text. In this case the louder the sound/song was the bigger the type on the screen became.