The Conductor

Commissioned by the 2007 iNGENUiTY Festival, Cleveland, OH

The Conductor is the title of an interactive art installation that juxtaposes the fun and frivolity of karaoke with the tumultuous military world in which we live. The goal of the work is to get the audience member to act as a conductor of a military march. The users will be invited to push wooden conductor hands that are in step with the video of military marches that are displayed on the screen in front of the user. As the user pushes the hand and hits the symbol a sound will play. Once the user is, in fact, in synchronization with the music of the military marches, the user will then then move on and conduct the second stage/theater of the war.

Keywords: Interactive Installation, Interactive kiosk, Ineractivity, Audience Participation.


The physical user interface


An over the shoulder image of what the person playing would see.


A close up of the actual digital interface.