Student Work – Print Based

Introductory Graphic Design selected class work (Basic Design, Graphic Design 1)


Advanced Graphic Design selected class work (Graphic Design 2)


Package Design selected class work

Collaborative VR project

In this project, students studying Package Design developed new packaging for traditional Emirati food as part of an Emirati cultural festival. Once the package designs were complete, we handed the artwork files and prototypes to student collaborators in Three-Dimensional Design class taught by Dr. Andrew Buchanan. Those students created 3D models of the products and new packaging, applying the new artwork. Students in my Package Design class then produced branded “Google Cardboard” skins to serve as a promotional product for their package design. On the side of each package was a QR code that potential clients could scan with their phone. Once they did this, they were taken to a site where the 3D models of the new product packages were hosted. Using a standard smartphone, clients were then able to view the products in 3D and rotate the model to inspect it.


Student outcomes: integration across platforms. Understanding of design requirements and limitations for multi-modal delivery and experience. Collaboration skills with students from different disciplines and skills in transdisciplinary problem-led design thinking. Exposure to new production technology (laser cutting etc) and new delivery platforms (basic immersive technology/VR).